Osprey pair settles in on Mill Road in Falmouth

One of the most anticipated events in Falmouth every spring is the return of the ospreys.  In late March and early April, on the Shining  Sea Bikepath or along Surf Drive, it’s not unusual to see people gazing skyward, looking for their first glimpse of an osprey returning to one of the many nests in the area. Because ospreys are skilled fishers and eat almost nothing else, their nests are typically found near ponds, rivers, lakes, and coastal waterways. The Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution has a cam on a nest at its Quissett campus and it’s fascinating to watch these magnificent birds as they return to the area and set up housekeeping.  If it’s a successful nest in 2012, we’ll be able to observe eggs hatching, nestlings growing, and their first flights. Learn more about ospreys and follow the progress of the WHOI osprey nest, but beware, it’s addicting!  In the meantime, keep an eye to the sky.