We are fortunate on Cape Cod, the mild Gulf Stream waters keep our climate warmer than most of New England, and as such “snow days” from winter storms are few and far between. So it was with some excitement that we braced for the first winter storm on Cape Cod of 2014 in early January.

Much was made of the storm before it arrived on the news, so most businesses were shuttered as people waited it out.  But this is the opposite in the bed and breakfast business, as customers flock to our warm hearths when winter winds set in.  The Falmouth B&B’s that are open in the winter (Woods Hole Passage, Palmer House and Woods Hole Inn) pride themselves on being ready to welcome stranded travelers in any weather.

The peak of this storm came early Friday morning, January 3rd and by noon the sun was already starting to peek through the clouds showing terrific snow drifts everywhere as the high winds blew snow in every crack and crevice.  The Steamship Authority ferries to Martha’s Vineyard were halted for several hours but resumed by mid afternoon.

The snow lasted for two days before warm air drifted up from the south and melted it all away.  We enjoyed the winter wonderland while it lasted!

Falmouth B&Bs in snow Woods Hole B&Bs Falmouth B&B's open in winterWoods Hole in snow