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Book a two night stay for either May or June and when you arrive at our Inns you will receive a 50% credit on 2 roundtrip Peter Pan bus tickets from Boston (value $52 must show ticket stubs) to apply to your room stay

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DSCN1409As we enter into our summer season of 2013 with our most honorable holiday, Memorial Day, we here in Falmouth take great pride in paying homage to our beloved veterans. Their endeavor to give us the very precious freedom that we enjoy today is beyond any comprehensible human thought. Words come to mind……..honor, gratitude, respect, and maybe just a nod: ‘we understand’.

Every Memorial Day Falmouth pays tribute to it’s honored veterans on the library lawn at Memory Lane. It is always a pleasure to mingle with the throngs of people who come out to pay their respects. Young, elderly and even little ones in strollers. Each and everyone have their thoughts and memories and we all leave with a lighter heart.

As you stroll by Falmouth’s Bed and Breakfast properties, you will see their revered American flags honoring, in supreme appreciation, those who gave of themselves so that we might live in peace.