Film director James Cameron, famous for “Titanic” and “Avatar, ”  has long been fascinated by the deep sea research led by Woods Hole scientists and began visiting here regularly over 20 years ago.
This month, Cameron donated his deep sea submersible to the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution, so they may continue to use his one-man vehicle for science discovery.  Over seven years ago, Cameron engaged a team of engineers and designed a deep-sea diving device in which he traveled to the Mariana Trench, one at 11,000 meters the deepest solo dive ever!  This month, Cameron traveled with the large submarine across the country to bring it here to Falmouth, Mass.   Cape Cod is lucky to have such a famous and generous friend.

Cameron’s vessel “Deepsea Challenger” will live in Woods Hole, where WHOI scientists can make the most of this incredible vehicle.   Here are a few photos of the donation ceremony, as well as a link to more information on the WHOI website.

James Cameron in Falmouth MA James Cameron donates sub to Woods Hole, MA on Cape Cod

Heritage Gardens 1 Need a bit of a respite from a hot summer day?  Pay a visit to Heritage Museums & Gardens in nearby Sandwich.  In these   hundred acres of trees and shrubs, gardens, and expansive lawns, you’re sure to find a cool spot to relax, take in the scenery, or enjoy a picnic lunch.  While most known for their spring rhododendrons and flowering trees, the Gardens are a showcase all year long.

Heritage offers something for young and old.  Hidden Hollow, a certified Nature Explore Classroom, is tucked away in a kettle hole and offers families the chance to explore, play, climb, build, and create in a unique, natural setting.  Ride the hundred-year-old hand-carved carousel.   Exhibitions include American Folk Art, the Automobile Gallery, and a variety of traveling exhibits.


Flume Fountain

Flume Fountain

Make sure to see the spectacular Flume Fountain, a two-foot wide mirror of water that glides for more than 200 feet through mature plantings.  It ends with a  dramatic 26-foot waterfall that drops into an oval pool.

A visit to Sandwich and the Heritage Museums and Gardens is a great day trip from Falmouth.  Enjoy the gardens and exhibits and be back in Falmouth in time for dinner!

Heritage Garden Windmill