New Main Street Restaurant in Falmouth you have to try!

Martha’s is located at 281 Main Street and opened in the Spring of 2018. Martha and her team believe “Life is short, eat happy”.
The beauty of Martha’s is that you will find your tried and true breakfast and lunch fare for a reasonable price and they also have some great healthy options and vegan specialties. For all of you active beach lovers, boaters, hikers, bikers etc. Martha’s offers convenient “beach and boat bags“. Just order by 3 pm the day before and you can pick up as early at 8 am the day of 🙂   The order had a minimum of 4 people and if you drop off your cooler they will even fill it for you  –  now there’s service!
Now if you are staying at one of Falmouth’s wonderful Bed & Breakfast properties you won’t need to venture down to Martha’s for breakfast because you will be enjoying a great breakfast right at your B&B after a good night’s sleep. If you are not so fortunate to have stayed at one of our B&B’s then by all means head to Martha’s for breakfast. If you enjoyed your B&B breakfast and it’s now time for lunch read on for Martha’s lunch choices.

Greens and Grains Bowls (Sweet Tart Bowl)

Oh my goodness are there some great choices and the prices are very reasonable for Main Street. On our most recent visit the top orders we heard were for The Farmers Market Sandwich and the Build Your Own Burger. We opted to forgo the sandwich route and try on of what they refer to as their grains and greens bowls which are gluten-free and have vegan options. The Asian bowl with chicken was fantastic! The bowl had Brown Rice, Greens, Edamame, Carrot, Thin Sliced Onion, Red Pepper, Snow Peas, Black & White Sesame Seeds, Lime-Ginger-Soy Dressing and we added chicken. Total cost was $12 and there was so much food I had to share.



Acai Bowl

Breakfast is served until 11 am and of course you can opt for a traditional breakfast sandwich or you could jazz it up and get the Mexican Breakfast Sandwich with 2 eggs, cheddar cheese, avacado and house made salsa. We recommend you try the Acai Bowl. It is rich with antioxidant Brazilian Acai berries as well as blueberries and topped with fresh fruit and other goodies.