The boats are moored next to a tiny island called "Devil's Foot."

A trip to Falmouth is not complete without a visit to the fishing village of Woods Hole.  And once in Woods Hole there is plenty to see and do but don’t miss the house boats!

Early summer is the time that the house boats of Woods Hole move from their perch in the “Eel Pond” (as the totally enclosed harbor inside the drawbridge is called) out to their moorings in Woods Hole’s Great Harbor.

For the last few weeks, the drawbridge in Woods Hole has been occupied with the migration of these unique miniature houses, a slow march out to their spectacular perches looking out over all of Woods Hole.  Perilously close to the multi-million dollar houses of Penzance Point, these tiny cabins have some of the most spectacular views in town…plus no need for air conditioning; out on the water, it’s breezy and cool most days.

Visitors come by boat from as far as Martha’s Vineyard, Nantucket, Chatham to see this incredibly charming collection (and also to fish the Woods Hole gut which is arguably some of the best fishing on the East Coast).  You can see them from the land at Waterfront Park in Woods Hole, and also from the public dock next to the Woods Hole Aquarium.  A wonderful way to get to Woods Hole from most Falmouth locations is to ride the Shining Sea bikepath.

Captain Kidd is said to have hung out in these waters...could he still be hiding in here?

But the best way to see them up close is to get out in a boat, so ask your B&B host to help you set up a fishing charter or day sail for the most excellent snooping.  And in the meantime, here are a few more photos to inspire you.