Wine and seafood at the Quarterdeck

Wine and seafood at the Quarterdeck

The first thing that we noticed as the smiling hostess showed us to our seats – the place was hopping. What is the secret? How do they stay busy year round? The answer is simple: good food, reasonable prices, cheerful employees. It is a hang-out for locals but visitors like it too. The food is traditional New England style cooking. I would say that the specialty is seafood but they have a nice variety of steaks, burgers, chops and chicken, as well as several meatless offerings.

The Quarterdeck is on Main Street in Falmouth Village. We were cozy and comfortable by the wood burning fireplace on this chilly afternoon. We ordered a classic  BLT on toasted Portuguese bread and the Cape Cod Seafood Pot. For a seafood lover, this is the perfect choice. Although it is in the appetizer section of the menu it can be a great meal. It is made by putting a lobster claw, muscles, clams, oysters, lemon wedges, shrimp and Portuguese sausage into a mesh bag. It is boiled in a seafood broth until the shellfish open. Then served in a bowl with the broth, drawn butter and toasted Portuguese bread. It’s like having a mini clam bake.

Some of the other traditional New England offerings  on the menu include: Fish & Chips, Fried Clams, Sweet Atlantic Sea Scallops, Day Boat Schrod and Lobster, boiled or baked stuffed.

The Quarterdeck was opened in 1967. Much of the interior had been salvaged from MacDougall’s Boatyard in Falmouth Harbor. Some of the wood dates back to the 1600?s. Joe Downs, a local artist, built the interior to look like the below the deck of an old sailing ship. He also created the stain glass in the dining room. The stain glass windows that are located over the bar were once the front windows from a church in Maine. There are conflicting stories about whether the church was destroyed by fire or a hurricane but there they stand now being enjoyed by many a diner.

Quarterdeck Restaurant
164 Main Street
Falmouth, MA 02540
(508) 548-9900

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